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ALECARD ft. Makoto – I Love U (Axwell ^ Ingrosso) Cover

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ALECARD – You Were The Fire (Acoustic Video) feat. Makoto

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ALECARD – You Were The Fire feat. Makoto (Lyric Video)

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ALECARD – You Were The Fire feat. Makoto (audio)

ALECARD is an artist who immediately strikes with great personality and a really original approach to songwriting. Recently, he released his debut single, “You Were the Fire”, which  is a great example of the hard work and passion that fuel his music. The song has some really great melodies, a punchy, driven beat and more importantly, a smooth lyrical flow that highlights ALECARD’s ability to write songs that are catchy, direct and easy to relate to.

The song showcases ALECARD’s musical coordinates, as the sound is a refreshing blend of electro and pop, echoing the work of influential producers such as Max Martin or Dr. Luke, among others. “You Were The Fire” is currently doing great, with over 50.000 views on Youtube through the song’s lyrics video, as well as a stunning official acoustic version, which is going to be released on March 2017. The acoustic version will offer a more intimate spin on the song, with only vocals and acoustic guitar.

ALECARD is also working on his second single in the studio, which is going to be a dance/pop music tune to be released in the summer of 2017!

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